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ray h.
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Frost in Europe?

    If there was frost in Europe,How wide spread?

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Re: Frost in Europe?

I have no information about Europe.

In Ontario we have had frost on many nights in the last 2 weeks but the worst were last Friday and Saturday.

Here is an article about those nights and what it may have done to the winter wheat, mostly soft red, in Ontario.

I recorded -6 and -7 in my yard those nights although I have no way of telling how long it was that low.

Hope to check my wheat tomorrow.

Some corn is emerged in areas too and will be setback for sure.


"Studies have shown that temperatures of less than -4°C for more than two hours may be injurious to the immature wheat heads contained within stems," Hooker said. "Wheat plants become more sensitive to freezing temperatures after the stems begin to elongate, or when nodes can be detected on the main stem."

Weather INnovations network of agricultural monitoring stations recorded temperatures below -4°C for more than six hours overnight on both Friday April 27th and Saturday April 28th. For detailed interpretive temperature maps of both nights and further analysis from Dr. Hooker, visit their homepage at

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