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Seems like every yr. we have a frost discussion

Mostly it doesn't amount to much or at the very most buy the rumour, sell the fact

Well: this yr. might be different "or not"??

 A meterologist that I find to have some sense of farm country and crops

He is giving a Sept 16 frost a 50-50 chance for this yr. in the mid west, as of now

As the tmie comes closer, he will give a better idea of what he thinks

I don't think the late planted beans want a frost, but they might miss everything,

,The rest of us in a more northenly, mid west area might get the frost

Our corn is showing no sign of dent, but it is close

Beans are green as grass except for disease and insect damage

Maybe 2 weeks is enough for most crops

I don't know, but sept 16 would be early for us

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Re: Frost??

A few weeks ago it was down to 45 in north central ks
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Re: Frost??

4 different internet weather sites that I just checked that do long range daily forecasting have an average projected frost date of October 18 for here in SC MN.

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Re: Frost??

Dent will not save you from a frost.  In 1995 the corn hear was almost to black layer when the frost hit.  The black layer was 3 times the size of normal and that was all we could really tell other than a little lighter test wieght.  You must be at black layer or very, very close to it to be frost safe.

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Re: Frost??

21-27 of September.

If it was big and cold it might moves the markets

But I wouldnt hold my breath

At this point the markets need rocked by "it wasn't supposed to happen" type event

Until we shock em with lower supply that gets things tight we are in a funk

12.2 and 3.2 would do it. But USDA will never print those
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