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It's quite common for businesses to sell at a loss if they believe it is a short terms situation - partly to satisfy long term customers and keep reliable workers who have no trouble going elsewhere for a similar situation. Selling at a loss can be cheaper than not selling at all. Especially short term.

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Re: Frustrating times for buyers of Commodities

Palouser,  I think you're the only one that gets it.  I owned 2 distributorships for 36 years until I sold them and retired last year.  I can't believe people think an entity  can just stop buying,selling, producing, marketing a   product at any time they feel its in their best interest.  You never want to stop!    The train has to keep moving.  My rambling will only make sense to people who get it.    

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Re: Frustrating times for buyers of Commodities

I talked to a buyer a Bunge West today and he did not sound the least bit frustrated. Claimed they have been buying up to 500,000 bu of beans a day with cash prices over $16.


He got a few of mine too. Load the first load @ 7 AM tomorrow.


BTW : it is July 1st and the ol wifey went out and gathered enough wild Raspberries for my first pie tonight. Taking a while to post this between bites...sorry for the stains (not really very sorrySmiley Wink came with ice cream too)

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Re: Frustrating times for buyers of Commodities

"2.6 billion bushels stays in the bins unless the endusers raise the bid to $8 again?" has appeal bu tat 6$ many will sell

6.5  etc.  Farmers Union of the 70s was it?


Nut index buyers + 2-3 yrs of Wx problems created 7 and 8$ corn.  Good producers harvested that extra crop, nice. 



*$ 8Deserved but unsustainbable .

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Re: Frustrating times for buyers of Commodities

Nice story Ray!


Now what if that station 10 miles up the road is out of gas.  Just because you assume it's always been there!


You can do better than stories Ray.  I know you can.

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Re: Frustrating times for buyers of Commodities

When people complain about paying income taxes, I like to compare paying taxes to putting gasoline into a car....nobody like to pay the price, but if you want to get somewhere , you have to pay for the fuel. If you want to get rich, you should plan on paying income taxes...if you want to keep a plant running, you should plan on paying enough to get the crop out of the bins.


If you want to just buy $4 worth of gas, maybe you can get it in one of those little squrt bottles, and get a dash behind each ear.


What will be interesting this year is how the markets react when the inevitable new crop scare develops...whether it is drought, freeze, or whatever gets things going.

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Re: Frustrating times for buyers of Commodities

Actually looks like some of the criminal class- JPM and Goldman in particular- are talking up the "commodity space" as a place to "find value."


My guess is that value will ultimately be found in bonds after everybody and his brother gets done pushing on the string and it falls back limp.


But all in due time- nobody makes any money without some manufactured drama along the way.

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