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Re: GMO wheat gene escape

Seems that Japan and the rest got over the "mad" cow scare.      If Japan and the rest get hungry enough,  they'll eat bugs,  snakes,  and gmos too.   


We've had over 17 years of RR, LL, and Bt corn and RR or LL soybeans.  Yet to see any ill effects coming from the milk, meat and eggs produced from feeding those grains.   And before those 17 years of actual,  widespread use,   there was extensive testing,  passing the standards set by many of the world's nations. 


Tell ya what,  if Japan wants to pay a premium for super-duper,  iron clad,  gawsh durn guarenteed non-gmo wheat,  I say certify it thus just like organic.      But the reality is,  they want what they want,  but to pay the lowest price for it.    Test every shipment to Japan,  if they want to pay for that certainty.



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