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well people, all good things must come to an end (and in fairness, bad luck can't last forever).


Been trying to do things on the  website for the last couple of days, and there is something very wrong.  it does not

like androids, if you can conncect, and try to make at least a comment, it comes back as an unexpected error has

occured.  even on the big computer, i got a message there was post on a thread i was following, i hit the hot link,

and the website, says it does not exist (and it's the one that sent the message).  even connecting with the big commupter

i keep on getting an error saying that the website is not responding.


This is kind of interesting.....just when some reallly good questions are being asked, the basic fundmentals of the

market was questioned, and looking at a situation when there is a total disconnect between production agriculture,

and the markets......weired things start to happen.....even more more interesting, have we had a peep from management

on the subject ?  in the past, info was passed on updates, and when spam and other things were a problem, but now,

when everyone is having difficulty, mum's the word ?


at anyrate, i'll be gone till the issues are corrected (website that is).


untill then, good luck evryone, i think we';ll need it.


oh yes, before i forget, all orders made for sprinkles, will be honored,.



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Hang in there cheapo, don't throw in the towel that easy. I for one like reading your perspective on things. Your boycotting the site would remove a significant chunk of the pie.
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Sorry to hear about the issues you've been running into, El Cheapo! Please drop me a line at and I'll help you get to the bottom of things and get everything firing on all cylinders for you. We'll get to the bottom of it! 



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