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Get Quick Fax Broadcast Services Fax Marketing List

Fax broadcast services are a part of online faxing that enables a business to send hundreds or thousands of faxes to potential customers immediately.  However, this service can use either the Internet or the telephone.  Sensitive information can be delivered quickly Fax Marketing List and securely and may help reduce advertising costs with specifically targeted addresses.

Broadcasting services provide a high volume marketing campaign that generates leads and assists in appointment setting for those offering certain products and services.  The message may take the form of a three-column editorial style message under a headline or a standard sales letter that should be no more than two pages.  In order to add a personal touch, the message may be handwritten to look more personal or it may be typed in a professional manner.

Some fax broadcasting services includes such features as an exclude list to prevent unwanted messages from being accidentally sent to those who have opted out of the list.  They may allow a preview of broadcast perimeters and documents online or even schedule broadcast delivery.  There are services that have an auto area code correction feature with download capability in order to resend messages to numbers that may have changed and keep the list updated.

Most services will also support various types of documents such as PDFs and Word files as well as providing indefinite storage for these files while they are not being used.  They may also have extensive delivery reporting for review that could be viewable in real time.  Other features to consider are fax and merge capabilities, matching phone interface and a selectable delivery mode.  Many services usually do not provide a fax list for a company, but it may be possible to find a service that does.

While many of these features are standard in many fax broadcast services, some may also include other useful applications between the company and the service.  Features such as client updates, emergency notification, newsletters, press releases, rate sheet distribution, seminar notification and registration capabilities, special promotions, surveys and U.S. distribution for firms located outside the United States may also be conducive to creating a lasting relationship with a broadcasting service.

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