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Re: Get Used To $4 Corn

Farm program spending is cut, no more direct payments, farm bill up in the air....I don`t care mind you but that`s just the fact.   Meanwhile medicine has been socialized and everyone with 2 or more brain cells to rub together hates it.


I`m for high wages for everyone, not that it matters but this is how it should be done...end free trade!  Sure corn would go down for a while, but if we made our own cars, televisions and pairs of pants those workers would make a "living wage" and could afford a pork chop and ribeye once in awhile, it would be a "win-win" for this country.  That would mean putting a tariff on Mexican beef, Canadian feeder pigs and whatever crap they try to flood our markets with.  If we could make a deal favorable to US, then make the trade, if not then fugetaboutit.  We`re running a $700 billion trade deficit, about half of it with China.  The phase "if you`re in a hole, quit digging!" comes to mind.   We just can`t compete with slave labor, so does anyone wonder why the numbers of people on public assistance goes up?

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Where have you been bro....

The average Welfare recipient or Fake Disability recipient is knocking down the equivalent of a $ 45K annual salary when it's all tallied healthcare, free food, free housing vouchers, free babbysitting, free education.  Then there's the Government employees whose bloated rolls keep expanding along with their semi-annual pay raises, huge pension benefits etc.


And there seems to be a bunch of folks on here who think paying $8 corn input costs on $ 4.00 corn is a glass half full.   lmao.



We're screwed.   




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Re: Where have you been bro....

NO NO NO peak corn peak corn

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