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Senior Contributor

Re: Gloom and Doom

Yep Don you're a true capitalist. Okay for you but no one else. Listen to yourself once in awhile you might learn something

Re: Gloom and Doom

a true liberal watch what they do not what they say
Honored Advisor

Re: Gloom and Doom

The Union breaks the dentist,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Packer,  and GM, and all those who don't pay a "living wage"  aaaaaand  now the gubbment.  Libing wage meaning paye me more than you can afford so my unemployment check will be bigger when you stop being my enemy.


The liberal mind stands behind all those disadvantaged mind numb laborers out there and keeps them poor.


The liberal mind thinks if you stop a pipeline you can stop oil production in Canada....... when the whole world wants to buy some.


the liberal mind is a roller coaster of............ "I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability".