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Accepted Solution

Go right to the dump.

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Hauled some grain last week.. lots of traffic, steady line of trucks


Hauled some more this week, two different towns. Was like a morgue, I was the only one there on one trip to Gavilon, two showed up as I was weighing back on another trip.


Same story at the local coop... weather too nice I guess.

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Re: Go right to the dump.



Good morning. What were the basis prices at those locations? Did they mention how much storage of old-crop they were keeping? And, what was the mood of the elevator operators?






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Re: Go right to the dump.

Talked to a coop manager Sunday evening and asked him what is the mood of the farmers?  His reply was," most of them are waiting for $4 dollar corn to sell."  He went on to say, "that if the weather stays nice and we have an early Spring it might not happen."  Had a high of 49* today, went out and pulled a few soil samples, a little frost but not much.

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Re: Go right to the dump.

This thread title appears to be where the grain markets are heading........

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Re: Go right to the dump.

We went through White Pigeon, Michigan twice today.  There was a steady stream of grain trucks going to and coming from the Andersons' elevator both time, from all directions.