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Good Luck

Good luck this year Might just be a killing frost bout Labor Day. 

From Des Moines  on North... Strait across. 

Think bout That. 

1 thing is the govt and consumers would start to appreciate farmers. 

WoW it might even wake up the paper grain market.  LoL. 

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Re: Good Luck

but...but...but Al Gore said it's supposed to be like super, amazingly hot-ish like for the rest of our lives, and our children and grandchildren will never see snow, and you must pay your carbon taxes promptly.  So how can there be frost?  Smiley Frustrated

Oh yeah, lest we forget the Democrats' Green New Deal that wants to do away with meat and natural gas and outlaw gasoline/ethanol-powered engines?  (Isn't corn used to make ethanol? Maybe corn could run power plants instead.  /sarc)

Guess what the newest idiot liberal study discovered? --> That trees like carbon dioxide. Smiley Surprised

No s--t.  Who didn't learn that in 3rd grade? #SMH

...And we wonder where our tax money goes.

On a less sarcastic note, here is a farmer/rancher who has some great insight on uneducated traders and how they influence corn prices and also gives some interesting stats:  Fresh corn is down 15%, silage is down 15%, and a 1944% increase in prevented planting over last year.

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Re: Good Luck

Local weather going out 7 days says "46" Sunday morning, that is striking distance of a frost maybe Labor Day night or something.  I`m concerned about the beans the most, flat pods and they`re probably done putting on new ones.  A full Moon September 14th.

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Re: Good Luck

Watch what the hurricane does.

It may not strengthen, but if it goes into the Gulf it would push the jet stream north. If it goes up the east coast, could pull it down over the middle of the country.

Steering winds seem to favor the Gulf. That could bring some rains to the ECB which could still benefit in this late season.

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Re: Good Luck

Ignorance makes things harder to see... if you learned that in third grade, you should know that the U.S. isnt the only country in the world buddy... inform yourself ... it's not only hot and cold weather, there's more to it than just hot and cold... read and learn, not just repeat what others say... 

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Re: Good Luck


If your going to defend statements made by our young congressettes your asking to be hit by a bus.....

Or if your defending the idea that climate is man controled your on the wrong side of that trend.

Or if you have a dislike for sarcasm..........Lay down your cross...... sarcasm will be in an uptrend market as long as Bill Mahr is a poster child for it.  (As long as Mr. amazon owns a press outlet.  and as long as the press is so politically subjective on what it long as google searches bring up progressively unscientific opinion.

Yes the other side of the world is dry and hot  ----- just like we were in 2010-2012......Climate cycles.    We are cool and wetter now.  We can learn about climate without a third grade education.   and without having it shoved down our throat and making it an excuse for stealing the assets of private citizens.  Or using it as a crutch to make false claims.  

sarcasm is better than getting extermely upset over the "facts" without truth or the science without science --- common stuff from the UN, but not acceptable from our Universities.

This is going to be a lean year in farm production.  1--We should be grateful that no one got hurt tresspassing through those poor fields that usda says don't exist.  Yet no matter where you drive (for more than 3 miles, you can see that this year is not an average year....... and not the 5th largest crops ever raised in the US, as claimed regularly in the "climate change" press.(and probably soursed by someone at usda- who doesn't want to live outside the beltway)

2-- We have a government and a former market that is in denial and allienating US farmers.  We now understand that what is in print as "the markets" are not our markets.... they are the china markets or at least the world markets that exploit the cheapest labor and and the easiest resources in the world and market it as equal to US grain.  There are too many in the US agriculture Press and congress, that think it would be wonderful to exploit South America and close down agriculture in the United States. (Or ask US producers to do it as slave labor for the common good.)... and way too many do not test the false narratives that are so common in the internet culture...... The voices of the"press and internet" have demonized US production when they should be prefering it.... instead of the false labeling that comes from China and South America.

The US economy and ag economy expects farmers to produce like a well managed manufacturer of foods for their tables.  But doesn't want a farmer to drive a newer used car than they do or get subsidies, while they accept untold amounts of federal assistance through schools and health services, transportation, urban renewal etc etc.  Most in the public cannot explain the difference between gross income and adjusted gross income, yet have strong opinions over farm subsidies and accept the largest share of the usda budget going to their urban neighbors as public welfare assistance but not farmers. ................  We are pretty dumb to make a representative republic work.....  Yet in the late 1700's and the late 1800's we found time to learn.

4-- We have to do what many countries before us have done.  Either colonize an area of third world resources to exploit.... as europe did for centuries and China is doing in South America now....... Or we have to become very protectionist to save our society.... as Europe later did and does now.  But we have that "3rd Grade"Press and those touchy feely socialists to drag along kicking and screaming.   We need to force intertanional corporations to leave of get on the bus in terms of taxes and allegiance.  They cannot be allowed to live under our constitution of laws and break those laws in South America(agriculture) and China(technology).  Or buy our legislators with donations.... Or lie to our congress when they claim there are 500 doctorates to every one in the US.... false... there are just many (many US educated) doctorates that will work much cheaper in China where exploiting is more profitable.

The US is living at a 3rd grade level of education...... climate hysteria....... being an obvious example.   Or just look at the way we "create" headlines in the press.... seldom the focus of the story, but intended to be eyepopping click bait(no matter how misleading or false.)--- instant feed and manipulate the drug culture.



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Re: Good Luck

AD 64  -  Rome  &  the  Fiddler ,  or   1769 ''  let  them  eat   cake  ''  closest  thing  being  - 

''  let  them  eat   ''  f a k e ''   -   being  today's   glaring  politician  -  food   2019  headline  -   -   - 

Tell   me  please  where  I  can  witness  those,   Almond  Milking  Parlors  - ?     

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