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Got really stuck...thanks for the advice

the discussion about being stuck with a modern 15 ton combine was apt

and helped me out yesterday as my combine dropped into quicksand type

subsoil on ground I had already gone thru once.


I unloaded the machine, we dug out an incline behind the wheels, dug out

the places where the machine was touching dirt on the bottom, and got planks

for all four wheels (well, six, since it is dualled up) and put the planks in the inclines.


Sent my son to town to buy the biggest tow rope and clevis the store had, got

my biggest tractor with 710 tires and we all prayed.


Between the engineering and God's grace, we got the machine out. WOuld

have posted pictures but I was not sure at all it was going to work.


Ordinary chain would just have snapped and been a danger to all.

Please get the big tow ropes, Farmers, and be safe.

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Re: Got really stuck...thanks for the advice

hope you meant shackle.


One safety tip when using tow ropes...put your coats, sweatshirts, or best yet a moving blanket over the rope


Will help keep it from gaining elevation if something fails.


Harbor freight and Northern usually have them for $6 to $8.


I keep two of them on a shelf in my shop.

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Re: Got really stuck...thanks for the advice

Did you use a tow rope that is made with what appears to be a whole bunch of blue baler twine. We bought one for emergencies and our is rated at 125000#. It has factory steel loops on the end and we have an 1.25" shackle for one end if need be. Absolutely do NOT loop the rope into itself. Our tractor and dozer all have the hammer strap hitch with 2 inch pins. Only time its been used was once this spring  a feed truck was stuck right in the middle of a hill on a gravel(mud) road. Our neighbor used his 8310R and he said it even made the tractor dig but no problem. Of course yhat is no where near 125000#. A stuck combine pulling with a dozer is a different story. By the way Hobby, can a D6R break a 125000# rope with a steady very good footing pull?

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Re: Got really stuck...thanks for the advice

In theory no, but most ropes want a safety factor of at least three.


In your example you are right at that level.


What does the tag say?


Remember breaking strength, is no where close to safe load rating.


Use blanket(s) on those types of pulls.


Don't over load them if you want to use them more than a time or two.


Just all my opinion, not legal or professional advice. This is the internet



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