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Got your wish Palouser

'The world is awash in wheat'
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Re: Got your wish Palouser

Smiley LOL


It's worked every time for me. Time will tell if this is going to become a market bell weather signal.


As I mentioned I stopped selling wheat before the end of the year. Everything is covered so I don't need to sell for cash flow. I'm long wheat. I will guess that if the usual pattern follows I'm not likely to sell anymore before next summer.

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Re: Got your wish Palouser

well I dont know what is going on with hrs wheat, but in the last 3 days we went up 40 cents, I sold the last of my wheat today 15 pro for 6.73.

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Re: Got your wish Palouser

Good protien wheat is in very short supply.  The higher protein HRW western high plains region hasn't had a crop of wheat worth counting since 2010.  

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