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Gottlieb to " Drone Pilots"

Gottlieb to Pilots :


"Before this June 30 acreage report is released, be good for your drones to snoop around the cornbelt and soybelt showing all of us "the facts," ja...

Paste them up here on for traders, analysts, and farmers to see...

This is your chance to shine and show why TOO MUCH moisture ought to move these markets as usually it's THE LACK of moisture moving markets..."


Drone Pilot to Gottlieb :  "We need calm conditions and cloudless days to fly, Gotty..."

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Re: Gottlieb to " Drone Pilots"



heck fly your own deal. .


the govt data set is thru june 15....the market realizes that.


i figure it'll keep raining big thru july....folks gonna figure it out.

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Re: Gottlieb to " Drone Pilots"

Get those drones up in the air boys.....and the FAA will be knocking on your door with an arrest warrant.     Unless you've been granted a permit by Obama (ie...are a major campaign donor or Google Executive) that thing and you're a felon.