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Grain Trade Friday

Might try to enter shorts around 1445^4 ---first impression after the close


1353 hrs - not much happening in the trade. we will take another look for opportunity in 1st hr of trade Sun.........c-x-1


1300 hrs - being patient for selling into the close in the Beans



Grain zone for Th yesterday - last edited yesterday

We live and learn. The Beans almost made it to 1442^6 with a high print of 1442 tonight....looking for it to trade into 1426 area then bounce and consolidate. Anticipating a sell in 1438-1442 area, but probably not until Mon


..sorry for the late post. sometimes the mkts pick up speed on us!!


beans hit 1426--that was a good swing buy------we sold 1442 see-------- where we are last 30 min of trade

wheat out @ 779^4 for 11 or so cents profit depending on your size


more around noon central


--12:08--looking for down hard from here in the Beans with ultimate target of  1415 (whether today or Sun)

Then scaling in long 1413-1405 or so


if they need to consolodate rest of session-----exit, reenter short Sun

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Re: Grain Trade Friday

I dont see that downthrust of which you speak for Sun

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Re: Grain Trade Friday

Cat, if you want to pm me your email i can send a chart or 2 - for some reason this site doesn't accept my charting software.


i look at several rythyms and timeframes to analyze.....Elliot count for all the timeframes... believe I posted on one of my threads this week - think we are in a corrective phase (#2-elliot) also in the "Feb break" sesonal...........look at volume bars, trendlines....Also,every Friday, the COT data is released - commercials sold a near net 16,000 contracts in beans = usually, a pretty good indication for following weeks trade....bottom line is odds do not favor another upleg just yet.




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