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Re: Green dot WW comparison

You've got some good info here C.

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Re: Green dot WW comparison



I see it in the faces of my younger partners and family members.  Another spring of dry, dirt blowing, frustration.


It really seperates the ones who are doing what they love to do,  from those who think it is just a job.


It is tough to relax when things are out of control ------- especially four years in a row.  But it is exactly the time to realize it is not our place to demand what we want, but only to appreciate what we have and be patient ------- even when we think we can't.


And remember, our relationships are not to be sacrificed for temporary discouragement.  ----  Well,  it is temporary.  All of it.



Me too.





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Wise words.

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I really have to hand it too you guys that farm , ranch out there in the desert = KS and OK and parts of NB and anybody else that I miss , But it's like in the movie - - you have to have sand so to speak or big ones .


I have meet friends from ag web that farm out in western KS , and OK  And they tell me about whats going on - So with that - I can relate to Elcheapo say'n' he's tried - I can say I would be too with what you are going thru ! I will be very honest here -- I don't know if I that tuff . For me and the others that farm where we get - most years - 42 inchs of rain a year - yet you guys make it work , in a normal year - with half that !


SW - You said a lot of wise words in your post , like Pal said - But it has to wear on the young guys - I can remember very well 83 and 88 - with the added stress of just getting a good start with a lot of hot ground , plus the operating loan and farm payments - I feel for them young bucks - I think I can say we have all walked in there shoes - well I should say us older dogs - we all have war stories . It is a hard road to hold for them , they want to make there Moms and Dads proud , yet there hands are tied with the weather , To me , it's not about where it's a job or you love what you do , it's more of how you can manage the stress of a crop failure  and haveing the half full glass , even when the dam thing is almost empty .


You have been around the barn yard many times and are well wheathered - And I hate to say this - But it's the youngs guys turn to get that wheather and hard licks - I havent  figured out why we have to go threw it , but in farming or ranching - we just have to - If anybody see's what page in the book it's on , let me know - I know it's in there some place  


Best of luck out there ! And My little therapy dog is say'n' dog prayers for you ( dog prayers are more prowerfull )