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Green overnight corn beans and wheat

Beans down 31¢ is ancient history, turnaround Tuesday is here  Smiley Happy   Commentator David Kruse claims to have binned his 2020 harvest (I thought he sold 2020 crop  10 months ago but who`s counting).  He`s talking about a "acreage battle" next spring which the past few years has more resembled a "Dutch auction"   Smiley Happy

Many elevators around here full of beans, some smaller ones out of the corn market as they`ve used corn space. True, the "first liar" who says his beans yielded 65 is quickly left in the dust, by someone that says "oh yeah, my beans in the peat went 80" too bad that elevators don`t cut checks off yield monitor bushels  Smiley Happy

But what I figure is farmers needing cash, not much "carry" in storing beans and corn coming out 14% is funner to store.  Around here beans been bouncing off the $10 cash ceiling like ping pong balls and all these unpriced beans had a cash bid offer of "$10" when that hit a slug were sold in the middle of the night and voila down 31¢ yesterday

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