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HEY JR>>>Interesting web site

Priorities of Agricultural and Rural Development in China

during the 12th Five-Year Period

DATE:2013-07-25       SOURCE:MOA



1. Supply of farm produce

Grain sowing area will be maintained at above 106.7 million ha, and gross production above 540 million tons; Gross output of cotton, sugar and oil will reach 7 million, 140 million and 35 million tons in respective; vegetables and fruits supply will increase steadily; meat, poultry/egg, milk, and aquatic products will total no less than 85 million, 29 million, 50 million and 60 million respectively; compliance rate of farm produce in regular quality and safety inspection will be above 96%.

2. Agricultural and rural industrial structure

Livestock and fishery will contribute 36% and 10% to total output value in agriculture; output value of agro-processing will out-size agriculture by 2.2 folds; added value of township enterprises will grow by 10% annually; gross output value of state farm will grow by 9% annually; functions of agriculture will be more diverse – being a platform for farm tourism and a bond of cultural traditions. Agricultural and rural service industry will grow rapidly.

3. Agricultural material and technology development

High-standard farmland—harvest can be secured in drought or flood conditions – will keep increasing its share; an additional 2.667 million ha farmland will be under effective irrigation; the coefficient on effective use of water for agricultural irrigation will reach 0.53. Total horsepower of agricultural machineries will reach 1 billion kW. Mechanization will cover 60% of plowing, planting and harvesting works; rural labors with practical know-how will amount to 13 million, with much better education and capacity; science and technology will contribute to 55% of agricultural output.

4. Agricultural production and operation

Modern agriculture is witnessing growing size of operating entities – robust development of specialized farmers’ cooperatives, and steady development of moderate-scale operations in various forms. 130 million farm households will benefit from industrialized organization in agriculture. Large dairy farms of 100 plus standing animals will account for 38% of all farms; 50% of swine farms will be large ones with slaughter population of over 500.

5. Agricultural return and farmers’ income

Added value of agriculture, forestry, livestock and fishery will grow at around 5% annually; a total of 40 million rural labors will be employed in off-farm sector; per capita net income of rural residents will grow at an annual average of over 7%, leading to sharp decline of poor population.

6. Utilization of agricultural resources and ecological conservation

Application of fertilizer and chemicals will be evidently improved, while utilization rate of straws is aiming at 80%, and biogas digesters will be installed at more than 50% of suitable rural households. Grassland degradation will be effectively contained. In addition, conservation of aquatic resources will be enhanced, with a total of 150 billion of aquatic seedlings released for proliferation.

7. Rural infrastructures and public service

Rural infrastructures, including supply of tap water, electricity and gas, modern highway, and housing will be constantly bettered; science and technology, education, culture, health, and sport in rural areas will march ahead side by side; and rural social security systems will be continuously improved.

Takes lots of digging and clickng but kind of interesting. . .




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Re: Interesting web site

How about this????



--China's Agriculture Minister said the world's second-largest corn consumer will gradually boost imports to meet growing demand, reflecting the challenge China faces in trying to achieve self-sufficiency in food output. Rising dependence from China on corn imports would bring about a long-term change in global trade in the grain and support international prices. Chinese buying has already had a big impact on the cost of corn. When the country bought a record volume in 2011/2012 it helped drive benchmark Chicago corn prices 0#C: to $8 a bushel - more than double the average of the past decade. Any change of self-sufficiency policy for corn could herald long-term growth in imports in line with soybeans, where the policy has been dropped. China's soybean imports have surged over the past decade to a forecast 69 million tonnes in 2013/14, and account for over 60 percent of the global sea-borne market. "We will gradually expand corn imports," Han Changfu told state media, in an interview published on the ministry's website.( "The growing consumption of meat, eggs and dairy has boosted demand for the feed grain ... the expansion of the corn processing industry also needs more corn." Han's comments contrast with those in a strongly worded commentary last year, in which he said China should remain self-sufficient in corn and the grain should not follow the path of soybeans. Rising meat consumption from China's expanding middle class is driving demand for corn to feed pork, cattle and chicken. China is expected to import up to 7 million tonnes of corn in 2013/14, compared with domestic output of 211 million tonnes. While China's corn buying is likely to support prices in the long run, the value of the grain hit a near three-year low last month as the world is expected to be awash with corn after near-perfect crop weather in the U.S. Midwest has led to forecasts for a record harvest. China also expects another bumper harvest despite severe flooding in the main corn-producing provinces in the country's northeast, which Han said would have only a limited impact on production.
The USDFA's forecasts are screwing up more than just us. The USDFA should be in the same catagory as the 30 day forecast by the weather babe. "Nice to look at but meaningless".  
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Jr are you reading this?????????

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Re: Interesting web site

That is going to be a problem, there are more country's today importing food than there was 30 years ago

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Re: Interesting web site

Hobby, some folks can't see the forest thru the trees.  Smiley Wink

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Re: HEY JR>>>Interesting web site

Hey hobby little busy right now. Don't mean to ignore ya. I will try to talk some sense into ya tonight. Lol
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