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Had to Come Up For Air

It's official here, in Cannon Falls, MN, it is very, very wet.  Three more inches last night.  I've lost count of how many inches this month, I think we're over 10 now.


Well, if August weather makes the beans, we should have one heck of a harvest.  Moisture certainly has not been a factor here.  My last planting of sweet corn that should be ready late next week, looks like the best of my three plantings.


We simply don't need more rain.  Anything from here on, is simply going to be detrimental to getting the crops off this fall.  My worst years on the farm were always the wet falls.  I just ceased to be fun when you rutted everything up and the only way you could steer the combine was with the brakes.


Anyway, I had to get out of the gutter for a while, and come up and see how things are going up's down and dirty and no holds barred down in the Forum....



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Re: Had to Come Up For Air

Extended forecast models show a decent Sep and harvest season but they may not be any better than they were when they were calling for hot/dry back in June (although we thank them for it).


A lot more hot/wet problems around the world right now than dry. Until something comes along to change my mind I'm going to assume that's the tendency for a while. I'm over my pay grade but I'm assuming that for now the hot global regime is resulting in increased ocean evaporation.


Could be if there's a big market moving weather story in NA in the next couple of years it will be a flood. Granted that I'm not impressed by the "1000 year flood" thing as I think it is like the 1000 year events in markets that we've seen a few times recently. But that doesn't make them not big floods, whether it is 1 in 100 or 1000.



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