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Happy New Year

As we enter the new year may God's grace and blessings shine down on all of you. Be safe fellas. 

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BA Deere
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Re: Happy New Year

Happy New Year Fwain and everyone out there!  Does anyone have any marketing resolutions?   They say this counter seasonal rally is a 1 year in 10 occurrence ....but who`s to say every year from now on won`t be a one year in ten occurrence?   Hand to mouth inventory hasn`t worked out, weather, currency, governments, in/de-flation who knows what 2021 will bring?

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Re: Happy New Year

#1: don't buy anything I can't just write the check for.

#2: remember my job is to grow it and then sell it when I know how much I have.

# 3: be happy with my circumstances.

#4: remember great prices never last, put some away for the lean times.

#5: review #1 &#4 frequently and practice #3


We appear to have a great start to '21, an unexpected gift. 

Happy New Year




Re: Happy New Year

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone. I agree 100% with all five Hobby.

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Re: Happy New Year

Three of the last four morning's have been beautiful.

The trees all covered in w h o r e frost. The sun is out bright with about a one mph breeze.

The air is full of little sparkling diamonds. Absolutely gorgeous

against the blanket of snow, so white and pure looking. 

The blue of the Blue Jays and the bright red of the Cardinals really contrast nicely

Around the bird feeders.

Beautiful start to the new year...