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Honored Advisor

Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite the lower grain prices, we have much to be thankful for.    We live in a country like no other.  Many will have their tables full of delicious food. And many houses will be filled with the folks we love.  

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Indeed, marketing is a challenge this year but as you say we have much to be thankful for.  Best to all for the holiday.  We're departing from tradition to have a nice beef tenderloin, so all you beef producers - thanks for the tasty meat and enjoy your current prosperity.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, happy Thanksgiving to all.  Going to my 94 year old mother's place for a noon meal of turkey and much more including green olives which are a big hit with most.  Harvest all done here and it was surprisingly a good one.  Very thankful. 

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