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Harvest propane costs

The Energy Information Administration announced Thursday that even though propane stockpiles are higher this year, infrastructure issues may cause LP prices to go higher for this year's harvest vs. a year ago.

“Propane consumption in corn-producing states typically rises in September and October with the corn harvest, followed by a larger rise related to space-heating needs in January...Midwest propane inventories are higher going into this harvest season. As of September 26, inventories were above the five-year average and 3.7 million barrels higher than year-ago levels. However, recent infrastructure changes may affect propane supplied to the Midwest in the coming months, especially under high-demand conditions," according to the EIA statement. And, here is a chart of the propane inventories:




What is the price of LP in your area?






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Re: Harvest propane costs

LOL   "Even though soybean stocks are at there lowest level per day of usage in history, prices are crashing because we don't have the power of the petroleum sectors."   LOL LOL LOL


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