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Re: Harvest storage

Some of us have had a little experience with an outfit like that back in the 50's. Do you know that corn picker had very close to 100 greese zerts on it. Dad came in from the field at night and we got to greese it before the bearing cooled off. Crawling over and under that critter with a trouble lamp and a greese gun.


A few years later i owned a 2mh picker mounted on a IH 450. Now that sucker would pick corn. I opened up a field for a neighbor and he had a big county tile washout. darn near drove the picker into it.

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Re: Harvest storage

Glad you survived that ---- droping the front end in a big hole would have been a rough ride.

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Re: Harvest storage

The fall of my sophomore year in high school I had a scare I'll never forget.

I was chopping silage and opening the field along the county ditch.

Some varmint had tunneled in from the ditch bank and a hole opened under the wagon's front tire closest to the ditch.

Thought for sure the box was a goner.  Fortunately I had followed my dad's advice to blow the silage to the

side of the box opposite the ditch bank.  One of those things that reminds a teenager how smart his dad really is!!


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