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Harvest weather

How's the weather going to be for harvest? Looking at my backyard we got a bunch of puddles forming... 1st bean day of harvest may be making ruts?

Anyway.. How are things going weather wise?
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Re: Harvest weather

We are having a lot more wind, much less rain and a little more sunshine as of late.  Took a Sunday afternoon walk and found the wet spots are still wet.  Also, noticed some white mold? on the butt end of the ears of corn.  Very little harvesting, other than some corn chopped, going on around here.  Some more may start this week but it will be mostly an Oct harvest.  Weather Wise? At 7PM my Davis reads.

N wind at 9mph

Temp 63*

Humidity 62%


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Re: Harvest weather

Weather in Northeast Iowa looks good for the next week or two.Most of my beans still have yellow leaves but saw several fields 10 miles away that look like they would go.Hope someone in my neighborhood tries corn soon,it always seems like when I go first every load gets wetter until I give up and go back to beans

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