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Harvet updates

Anybody ready to report from the field?


I wonder how bad southern IL and IN were affected by the lack of rain this summer.


My guess for Ohio is that the corn will be average and the soybeans may be a shade above average...  We are still 2-3 weeks away for most of our corn and four weeks or more for most of our beans.

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Re: Harvet updates

Silage is going from real poor to average.  Here in NCIA. Most corn will be in the 165 to 180 range.  Going to spencer fair this weekend to show herefords got a couple guys who are real antsy to get silage done but it is gonna have to wait.  IF anybody comes to the clay county fair look us up we will be in the hereford section.

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Re: Harvest updates

We have 878 acres out in south central Illinois.  Yields running 135 - 145 bu/acre at 15%.  APH 183 - 196 bu/acre.  The rain in late May and June hurt us more than the heat and dry.  Talked to a neighbor with a field that drains exceptionally well that went just over 200, was  as hot and dry as the rest but no water damage.

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Re: Harvet updates

101 day, fungicide, 70lbs side dress, little rain from July 6th to Sept 4th, Sept 2 60 mph winds averaged 110 an acre. North central Iowa
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Re: Harvet updates

Only 50+ acres done this past week opening fields:  yields are 110-140 bpa on ground that normally goes 150-180. 

No other corn in area done.