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Hauling next year's seed

Taking a bit of a break from hauling feed ingredients. Seed corn harvest is getting started here in southern Michigan/northern Indiana, so I decided to give it a try. I'm working with Pioneer at the moment, so far they are treating well.

The weather has been good for harvesting. I haven't heard anything about yields, but the picking crew said the test weight was good. 

From what I'm hearing, ALL seed companies are having a hard time sourcing trucks/driver's this year... and driver's are having a hard time sourcing decent equipment... I ordered a new Wilson belt trailer last month. It's almost a 14 month wait, and I've heard Western is out into 2024.... So the used stuff will be breathing pretty hard by the time it's swapped out. 

Also, just putting it out there, as you are getting ready for harvest don't neglect/forget maintenance and an annual DOT inspection on your semi truck and trailer. I got pulled over on a state highway in Indiana today by a DOT cop. Even though I was clearly pulling an exempt commodity he still gave me a level 2 inspection. I do my best to keep my equipment maintained and yes I passed, but it's common for farmers to forget the yearly DOT inspection while focusing on the combine. 

I'm beat.. stay safe everyone, enjoy the harvest 🙂


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Re: Hauling next year's seed

Keep us up to date from your "office" window, Blacksand.  Thanks!