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Re: Headed for a record

Would be interesting to see the tour folks holding positions on the board  O T ---

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Re: Headed for a record



Sorry SW I had to look at this straight to make sense to me.


this is some sad stuff. ...  only about 2 feet short of what it is supposed to be.

Color isn't quite right for making a harvest.


BTW are you on commission from the chiropractic society?

Kansas wheat.jpg

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Re: Headed for a record

Hobby it would pay better than this wheat crop is going to.

a $10 commission for every tall reader I can put in the "ruk en pluk" office.

You are an industrious opportunist.------- I just saw ugly wheat--------- which by the way ---- if I had lowered

the camera 4 ft to show you--------- is heading out and is as tall as it is going to get.


ya gotta love government work----------- adjuster says there are enough tillers present to give it 30-40 bushel potential so it has to go to harvest ------------- but I shouldn't criticstyze sdfsdfsdf.   If they 0'd out all the wheat in the area, some fool would have cattle on it in a heartbeat and by june that field would be floating in the air over Iowa.


Of the years 2011-2012-2013, in the old dust bowl region---------IMO_______   this one is the worst spring------ vast areas with less than 7 inches annually ----------- at least this year we have saved 5.4 inches of that 7 for the  "in season" hail storm.  


There is not a three year period in history that matches it------- the mid 1930's and the mid 1950's are close but no cigar.



If I type softly and small, old man & kraft won't hear.  how do you turn em?--------------- I phonigate the picture, email it to my desk top know-it-all, copy it to the idiot screen(they call a desktop), then use the little tree icom to import it to the message.  It looks great til it appears in the message Sideways.  No wonder I can't raise wheat any more---------- my IQ is falling like a rock.



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Re: Headed for a record

I have noticed same thing sw ----there is no analogue -climate or yield-wise this century, for what is going on now.


last time US Corn yield was lower 3 consecutive yrs was in 1890's, again thanks to WCMO for digging that data up!

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