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Heavy rain in ND, losses in Ukraine0.

Up to 10" of rain hit ND and likely did significant damage in some areas this last weekend.


An official from Ukraine indicated fighting was costing 15% loss of all grain production. The east is most productive due to rainfall and is where the fighting has taken place. It's not clear to me whether this figure includes Crimea, which is a very minor and dry area, though water that flowed from the north was cut off there.

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Re: Heavy rain in ND, losses in Ukraine0.

As a "wheat" trader in Chicago replied

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Rest of the story ;)

Ukrainians are now talking about halting exports to determine what wheat is millable - and them embargo that for themselves. That means the rest is crap.


Yeah, I know, it won't impress a trader because they always have better stories. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Rest of the story ;)

This is not good for spring wheat....More quality loss.  Probably quantity too.

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