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Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

well there is a god after all


all you republicans out there, grab your nitro pills, and turn on the oxygen tank and have the mask ready, and have the spouse get

the AED might need them all.


after painting every democrat as bad......and AGRICULTURE basicly helped elect trump...........


and so, since he thinks so much of you........he puts a DEMOCRAT IN FOR AG SECY !!!!!


ah...........why is it that i can only hear the crickets chirping right now ??????????


ok all of ya's out there, what's the scoup on her (or maybe family members) is she on the ag issues ???


maybe our friends from north dakota can shead some light on her, and what they think might happen.....good, bad or ugly ?



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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

She`s not a bad pick, I think she voted against gun control so she does have a brain unlike most Democrats...there`s hope for her Smiley Happy

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

Comes from an agricultural background and an agricultural state. Only thing that bothers me is she can sometimes be indecisive when the chips are down. She has pretty much hidden and kept her views silent on the DAPL boondoggle. Would have liked her to take a firm stance one way or another. That is not a Democrat/Republican issue as God knows they are both privy to that disease. All that being said I think she would make a fine Secretary of Agriculture.
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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

Rural America overwhelmingly put Trump in office, so he will have our backs.  The Sec of Ag will have to be a proponent of their administration, if there`s a disaster the Ag Sec will gather facts for the administration and propose solutions, Heitkamp looks to be up to the task. 

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

Really can't handle it when it isn't business as usual can you "iknow"?


What better qualifications do you want to run a division of gov't that gives away other people's money?  (72% food stamps, few % arc, etc and a massive bureaucracy)

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag case you haven't noticed....there is currently
a disaster in agriculture.
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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

ElCheapo, out here there is land still selling for $10-$12,000, they`re still livin`, learnin` and plantin` Pioneer and doing the "yield bump" at the elevator...sure is taking alot `em a long time to go broke.


The problem we currently have in farming is a hangover from $7 corn...and whatever wheat was.  Remember the golf courses being plowed up and planted to corn?   Well, there you go.   The thing is we were forced to particpiate in the irrational exuberance...if you don`t pay the $400 rent, you don`t get the farm and what good is a farmer without a farm?  And the fertilizer co`s and seed co`s all took their pound of flesh and are slow giving it up.


But what can we expect the president and sec of ag to do for us?  Keep in mind a $20 Trillion national debt and a increasingly unsympathetic populus and congress.


IMO we are at a fork in the road, do we want the last independent farmer to turn out the lights?   or swallow our pride and go back to the Earl Butz/Bob Bergland/John Block farm programs of "supply management"?   I know as cocky as we were when corn was $7 "Git outta my way and let me farm!"  ...that was easy back then, but now we seperate the men from the boys.

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

well BA i don't know where you are at, but we don't have ground going for that, and the like.


Things have slowed down quite a bit.........accounts are getting slower, bankers getting worried.

i know of several in several cases, where the farmers will not be able to make their land payments,

because they have paid all their bills and nothing left......

also, we had a number of people that took out chapter 11 years ago, and they have gotten bigger, but

never learned.


out here, we have not be as lucky as iowa, ills, or ind......except for this year, we had multi years that crops were

bad due to dry weather.....i know the corn belt people howl about how "we" are making "their" insurance premiums

high...but i've got news, you don't make alot on insurance you at best pay the bills and if you are lucky, can

afford to pay the household bills.


but.......seems to me some of the BIG operations have went belly up, to the tune of 20,000 plus how does

that fit in with things are just wonderful where you are at.


oh hobby......yes i have problems with you have a problem with that, and do you want to make it an issue ?


as far as the subject.....the possible new ag secy.....i thought we were going to have someone who knew something

about agriculture.......come to find out, she is not originally from ND, but MN.....husband is a doctor.....she is a

lawyer.....worked in the tax office.....and biggest thing is working with the oil and gas industry....a gasification company.

so i guess her link to agriculture is being a member of the senate from ND.....

kind of like a friend of mine who is from back east...their family always calls, when on the weather channel there is a

report of a tornado at Kansas City.......they ask..."how close was the tornado ?  did you see it ?


she was also considered as secy of energy....which actually would be a better fit, considering her background.


i'm sorry, and i hope i'm wrong......but looking at how things are shaking out, i really don't see how those of us in the

Midwest are going to be remembered.....the only thing i see is big business, and big money.  Most of those selected

have had their own agenda's in the past.......

i'm not going to the epa issue...that's been discussed.......SBA where some farmers get capital, a disconnect there,


i'm just worried.....the economy is becoming so brittle, that we must be careful what we do, and we must think things

thru, before trying another experiment.


as for healthcare....remember, the republicans have several years now to come up with a better plan.....they haven't

they are hell bent to tearing it down, that alone will solve the problem, the answer is no.....

It is so silly, that they want to wait 2 or 3 years "to come up with a solution".......if they have all these wonderful

ideas....why will it take that long to figure out......and they need to learn, the biggest player in all of this, the insurance

industry, has already made some comments, and warnings.......that the plan let out, will NOT work....and we could

be looking at a complete disaster in healthcare, because no company's would write insurance, and the hospitals would

be making little if any and could go broke.

the idea of going back to state pools is not workable.....the insurance industry and several groups have made this known...

and will be a big financial burden on much for the promise of helping fund a transition.....remember that

was the idea with medicade........well not all states participated with the plan, including mine, and i personally know

CEO's of several hospitals, and this has had a neg impact on their hospitals, and thusly on patient care.

we also lost a couple of hospitals due to it.

in one incidence, one hospital wants to upgrade some of their cancer treatment equipment, but they can't due to the

lack of income, even if they were only medicade, at least there was income, and in case of major incident, there was, since our leader said no, there is nothing.


i really do hope that trump can made a positive impact......but from where i am setting, the team doesn't look too



but let's hope i'm wrong.


for all of our sakes.


i hope i'm wrong

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

Hey elCheapo, I really don`t want to say this, but areas that don`t get a crop every year are going to be the first one`s to cry "uncle".  If in your area your grandpa had cattle and a little wheat, but now it`s wheat, beans and corn and just a few cattle around...well let`s just say, grandpa knew best. 


In North Dakata (I`ve never been there) but as I understand it they had cattle sheep a little wheat.  Now they raise all kinds of soybeans and corn, due to the new genetics they`ve been very successful, but it`s landlocked and they have a notoriously wide basis.  The new Ag Sec coming from that area I wonder how that will affect the future drafting of farm bills.   But I really don`t know what 'they" can do for us.  If prices go up, we`ll just grow more ...and so will the farmers in outer Mongolia.



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