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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

elcheapo, ive been in a "starve the beast" mode the past8 years. Now that weve got a good guy in, im more patriotic...i might not take my nonexistant ARC payment and even send in a little more income tax. Dang i feel good  God bless America!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

BA  -  Need of  a  geography lesson  - Nort  Dakota  has  the Mighty Mo  running  through it  and  just a pipeline away from pushing resources  S.E. plus an addition of lock and dams - wala - in business coming  SOON after January 20 ---Smiley Wink

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

well looks like BA has already got into the holiday eggnog......sounds like a little heavy on the nog !!


my we've covered alot of ground already.......


maybe i should start with the man is an island.....((except the ultra rich)) admission, BA does have something in common

with donald duck...neither have been paying taxes !!!


oh well, it's christmas, i'll give him that one...sorry don't have a red ribbon to put on it...


back to no man is an island.....we are told that, sorta, in marketing...i can walk out the door at the ponderosa, to be greated with

hot dry weather, cracks in the ground i can loose my pliers in, and crops that look sick, pastures that are brown, ponds that

are dry....yet....i see the commodity prices go down...."becasuse it's not like that everywhere".


then insurance.....the idea is you have a group, that all pays into, and at the end of the day, we hope to at least break even

so that what we pay out, we take in, today, since it's a business, we have to have a little extra for the ceo and the like...

that's the basis of health insurance...and somewhat on crop insurance, although crop insurance does get a little boost from

uncle sam...but sammy also help insurance...under ACA to make things work, if a company lost some $$$ due to a large number

of sick people, they could get some help...same with part D....which is actually an insurance company managing your $$$ from

medicare.... of the reasons that ACA is not working....was the provision about the loss, was knocked out this past year....any wonder

why rates went up ?

also according to a couple of studies, this was a more "economical" way to cover the high risk....if you go back to insurance pools

run by the states, first, they will have a limited number of companies to take it on, thus they "name their price", second, it showed

"rural states"......hmmmm wonder if there could be a linkage in a state having alot of agriculture...and being rather "rural".

since the population is lower, there are fewer people to spread out the cost over.  plus in rural areas your cost of care is higher,

due to fewer people that will be have to have so many nurses, equipment, staff, etc to operate even a small hospital.

in our area we had a couple of doctors that had the foresight to see this, and they pushed adding on a long term care wing,

and also a specal care wing, that does special care to handicapped people....very few around....and a wellness center/physical

therapy unit was one said, you've got to have all the people and nurses, so we might as well have something for

them to do, and increase the cash the wellness center much of the equipment is used by those recieving therapy,

thus it serves dual duty.

insurance is something you don't want to collect on......but is needed...BA you must not have a banker, otherwise, you would be

"highly encouraged" to carry insurance, in order to get the money you need to operate on.


as far as a ARC could have taken PLC or the "indiviual" was your choice.


again, no man is an, we do business around the world.....we can't just shut our borders to everyone and every thing...

we need to make exports and have imports....but seems donald duck want's to change that..."we don't need anyone"....

wonder if anyone noted eagle eye's comment this morning about the sales to china....seems chicagoland fears that donald

is going to slap china in the they are buying now....oh one little side note...china has been building inroads to SA,

with the idea that someday, we may not be a "good supplier"....


lets just do some wide open thinking....what if, we slap a trade deal on china, and some other countries....the epa director recinds

the RFS....and we do away with a farm  program safety net, and do away with crop insurance.....

If opec gets together and get's tired of these low prices, they willl "do whatever it takes" to get oil prices up....


well, we will have an over supply of crops...which will equal lower prices...there will be no farm not even a stop

measure to help things out...with higher energy prices, our fertilizers will go up, along with cost of tillage and harvest..and

cost of herbicides, which are derived by petrochemicals...we cant get rid of the surplus due to RFS being cut.

Then the higher oil prices will give more money to people who wish to hurt us, that is where they get alot of their money.

ACA is done away insurance company will write insurance....hospitals will go broke because people on their own

would not be able to pay for the care they need.


"""merry christmas """

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

I'm in favor of Karen Carpenter as honorary AgSec Emeritus.

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

on top of the world ?


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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

Don`t tell me about taxes ElCheapo, I borrowed money to pay my income insane is that???  It`s just know for the next 4 years anyway, I`ll feel my money isn`t a total waste.  But you lament  about the wonderful Democrats and Ag Secretary so I`ll ask again, what can the president and ag secretary do to make elCheapo happy today?   Write you out a $100,000 check, would that solve your problems?  ...if it does, you don`t have many problems.  Is there a magical wand that will make it rain and $8 wheat?..will that make you happy?  You`ll just plow up more pasture and rent more ground and be looking for the magical wand to bail you out again.   God is the only one that will give you peace, if you look to politicians to make you happy you are praying to a false god.


I`m thankful God gave us Donald Trump, I don`t have to worry about having my guns confiscated, he`s going to secure the border so I don`t have to learn Spainish in my own town, he`s going to protect our factory workers, he`s going to keep us safe from terrorists.


"All we want is for our country to love us as much as we love it"-John Rambo...and brother for the last 8 dreadfull years we ain`t been feeling much love.



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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

oh.....we went from president trump to saint trump.......and he hasn't even been given the oath of office yet !!!!


sure hope he is  catholic !!!


BA for your own good, I hope ole donald duck does many of the things you have just said....but "here in the real world",

i just don't think it will go....


story off the info sources from this morning....a proposal for social security....big cuts......but donald "promised" no cuts


to the program....i suppose we need to throw the little old ladies and men out on the streets, and let them live in boxes


and struggle to the soup kitchens ??


BA i think you need to stop reading the book "scrooge" and read this new book...written by a bunch of fellows with hair down

to their shoulders, live with animals,'s called "the bible"....available at barns & noble....fine book stores,

and even at some local church's.


i'm sorry to hear you had to barrow money to pay taxes...that isn't fun.....had to do that this past year to pay property taxes.....

amazing...fewer kids in school, we have to build bigger buildings, have more stuff, had to build several new gyms....and still

use the old ones...and we have half the kids of 15 years ago......and there go our property taxes....and have several roads

that it's been 21 years (yes i kept track) the township has failed to put any material on.  i've atteneded many meetings and

they will do something....yep, found one board member 4 miles out of the township, even in a different county, out looking

at the roads, he was putting up little flags....i went by, saw it, i stopped and asked him what he was doing....he was out looking

at township roads...and putting gravel on places it needs it.......i didn't have the heart to tell him he wasn't even in the

right county...reminds me, i need to go over there one of these days, to see if he kept his promise and put the gravel on !!!!


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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

BA i have to give you credit bit the bullet and payed the donald didn't


wonder if he took the vow of poverty ???

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

Nah. Just starved to death.

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Re: Heidi Heitkamp........secy of ag

BA....i hate to do this to you but.....Sylvester Stallone is NOT a rupublican....


"Although he's been called a Republican, for supporting John McCain's 2008 presidential run, Stallone says he's not a member

of the GOP"




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