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Here we go again!!

SCMN - Watching t-storms to the west of us that have been producing some nice rain totals.

T-storms on both the north and south side of the MN river valley moving ENE.

Storms have to cross the river valley between Mankato and St. Peter to reach us.

The valley is 1 - 3 miles wide and 150 - 200 feet deep there.

Hope they hold together long enough to get here!!

I mowed road ditches yesterday so that should help make it rain.

Maybe I should go wash my truck too.

Sure is an odd thing to watch sometimes.


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Re: Here we go again!!

76 might want to lay down some hay - QUICK and if you don't have any hay - go cut somebody that do's ! Smiley Happy

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Re: Here we go again!!

Just "reading between lines" here. Do you feel the deep valley sometimes dissipates the rain before it gets to you?  Looks to me like you just might get your rain.  Looks like a hot one in NCN.  That one has some hail in it. What stage is your corn in up there?  Here in CIA starting to dent.  

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Re: Here we go again!!

Just starting to hear thunder outside now.

MN river valley seems to either dissipate the rain and/or re-direct the path.

The tornados that hit Comfrey and St. Peter in 1998 is a classic example.

That storm leveled Comfrey and then changed direction a little when it crossed the valley the first time and headed for St. Peter.

After it tore thru St. Peter and crossed the valley the second time it changed direction again.

If it hadn't changed direction it would have missed Le Center by about 10 -15 miles to the north.

Instead it dropped another tornado that grazed the south side of Le Center and messed up the industrial park and fairgrounds.


Corn is at different stages in our area due to the wet spring and quite a bit of re-planting.

Earliest planted that didn't get drowned out will probably dent next week.


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Re: Here we go again!!

In NCIA we`ve been missing rains this summer after a wet spring, the rains split and go north or south...Hobby crying "uncle uncle uncle!" with his +3" in his super duper rain gauge.  Some around here are blaming the darned windmills for spliting the rain systems as they approach...well if that`s the case, all the rain sure didn`t split this spring, we hit everyone then.

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