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Here we go again

Time to trot out the stories about how Brazilian corn is going to be imported and solve our problems. Whenever things look like supply won't work out a story that can't be confirmed, sometimes based on  Wilmington port,  gets planted. Sometimes it's wheat but I'm guessing it's corn's turn. Sometimes floor traders get the story out and sometimes it is just a more or less anonymous story source that can't be revealed and no company will comment on, even if their name happens to be attached.


Then there are calculations that China's ever increasing soy imports can't be met if beans here get hurt much by weather. You know, China, the country that will crash and burn or stop importing because prices are too high? Whose imports are always another record year?


Meanwhile, wheat around the globe is having a tough time here and there. Black Sea wheat is hammered with Kazakhstan now announcing they won't export much. They have quality wheat but shipping is a problem. I guess now it's not so much of a problem.



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Re: Here we go again

CORN- not much as a % if grown in Brazil. If the WX stays bad we will need to ration a bunch.

If not, we will slip buy with mioderate rationing.

Wheat is grown in disperse areas, a positive, and yr in yr out there are some troubles. We have good 2012

whet crops. If C goes to 10, W will habve to take off.


Beans, we use more beans annually and have for 40 50 maybe 100 yrs.

China will need more if we goes under 30 yields.


If WX stays   bad, it will be worse, period.


hedging/trading will be rough.

too many bad rought yrs in a row.



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