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Hey Doublespy

I'm interested in your thoughts about the comments on Brazil here.


Some interesting stuff for all as well.

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Re: Hey Doublespy

Consumers are really overstretched here.

But things are coming to a halt.

Car sales stopped beating records,  construction financing is more limited.

Could be like a bad stomach when you eat to much sweeties.

Government is´nt really investing in broadening highways. 

Traffic is clogging the streets.

Don´t like it.

People lack financial education..

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Re: Hey Doublespy

But that may mean a weaker Real and better situation for farmers in the future?

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Re: Hey Doublespy


I see it like this:


all go up and down with the excange rate

so 70% of my cost is following the dollar.

So yes if the real goes down, that means a good year for us.

But then the second year we face higher costs. So we keep cheering only solong as 

the real keeps sliding wich obviously only occurs if we have major problems.

Don´t foresee that much 'real' problems down the road.

Yes, I know the American Press likes to point out that  everbody else is also 'screwed', or soon will be.

This serves  to give you the impression that todays problems aren´t a symptom of the democratic disease.

By wich I mean; trading prudent government for reelections.






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