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Hey John!...been awhile!

I havnt been on this site either for a couple years since i was blown outa the water for sayn land was going to 10k and they changed the format.   Lost all my login stuff too!  Anyway....i noticed ur thread on market forum....good one btw!   Corn looks ok round here but has gota go dont ya think? 

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Re: Hey John!...been awhile!

Hello gman. You will always have a place in my heart (wallet)I bought 260 calls in august of the original bull move. I wonder where my life would be if the last 5 yes I wasn't addicted to market info.  Stay around .

John and TIME should stay too. When opposites argue ,you find the answer in the middle. Without that info, we are all bullish


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John From S. MN.
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Re: Hey John!...been awhile!

As Iowa and SE MN and Illinois floats away, so goes the market. Our 15 day forcast has sun a week from tomorrow and chances of rain the other 14 days....JP

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