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Hey Mike -AKA - Marketeye

Yesterday you posted this up : Let me know how I can help, as we head towards the final stage of winter and look towards planting season


1. It would be nice to see some -- say 4.25 - 4.50 corn for starters .


2. Beans - 12.50 to 13 - would be nice .


3. I may need alittle help this spring - still need to put the floaters on the Hagie - and have to put the John Blue pump back on the planter - maybe some new chains to boot .


4. I don't post much in marketing - as we all have some things in farming that will like best to do - as for me it's production ag . to do better the next year - to out yield last year and for less cost per acre . As where you and many other love the marketing side of ag . Here's a quote from Wernher Von Braun : Proficiency can be maintained only by working at it .  As I have read many of the treads that you and the other crew members have posted up - it shows that you all have been ----- "  working at it  " , Good job to all .



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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Hey Mike -AKA - Marketeye

Ken, here`s how you get $4.50 for your corn..deliver a bushel and a peck   Smiley Happy   I gonna buy a Powerball ticket today, it`s up to $450 million...when I win then I can afford a new pair of knee pads for when I visit the banker later this month  Smiley Happy

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tree fmr

Re: Hey Mike -AKA - Marketeye

BA, You win that and the banker will need the knee pads to talk to you!!  Smiley LOL

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Senior Contributor

Re: Hey Mike -AKA - Marketeye

Nah! The banker will charge him storage!

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