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Re: Hey Palouser the big get bigger

No, it is not just our local draw..


a lot of players who handle lots of volume are likely carrying this stuff ahead....and hoping they can get enough higher quality new crop to blend it off.....if the futures market is in a carry they are OK, but when it inverts, carrying damage ahead from one crop year to the next can get very expensive....


oh, and we are seeing some damage from the farmer side, too

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p-oed Farmer
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Re: Hey Palouser the big get bigger

Ray would it be safe to assume that this "stuff" will most likely skew the stocks report a little bit more maybe come Jan....... That could come at us from different sides...... There could be more or less bu in storage because of this problem..... This report in Jan could have as big an impact as a weather problem in the summer time when you consider yield,stocks and usage all on the same day............ Lots of volatile markets ahead...... p-oed

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