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Senior Advisor

Hey Ray J.

You asked how much rain I have had , well here's the report from from Indianapolis airport - 30 miles West and Shelbyville Airport - 10 miles to my SW


Indy -- March -1.96

           April --- 8.59

           May -----3.50


Shelbyville    March -- 1.26

                     April -----3.27

                     May -----2.58


Most of the May rains were - 2 tenths or so -- think the last day or so of may we got our big rain of 4 tenths .


For this month we have got an even inch .

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Senior Advisor

Re: Hey Ray J.

You should have planted only half a crop.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Hey Ray J.

Yeah 1/2 should bout do it
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