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Hey Time

Hows everything going  North of the Big city ??? Wouldn't be surprised if beans were 65 % or better done around here - maybe more - hard to get to far from M-town this 'time ' of year . 53 and some change will catch my total bpa's for this year - pretty good when there were area's that were to short to cut - great stands but only about 6" tall -


Hopefully will start corn tomorrow - would start today but have to go the Doc. on elbow deal - then plans are to shell off N plot on Thursday - have to look for the red carpet for the King - lol


Becarefull up there




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Re: Hey Time

All is well here, 80% done on the beans, 54 avg, just as we projected. 25% on corn, lots of variability, yields as expected.


Our 100 acre N rate+ cover crop plot, for the 6th time in a row, shows it pays to apply N to corn 🙂  BUT, only up to about 175# Actual N. We thought the higher rates would pay this year, given the weather, but no. Also, for 6 in a row, the areas with cover crops outyielded the straight no-till.



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