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Re: Hey "Jen"

I watched the video.  Here's the issue that no one seems to grab onto.  It's about heat units.  And when it comes to heat units, the first thing, the very first thing that needs to be considered in any discussion on global warming, is what is the current output of our furnace - the Sun.  Time and time again on here you guys have heard me make reference to the sun, the sun spots, the solar minimum, the solar maximum, and what all these have to do with Earth.  For some reason, the message just doesn't get across to those that it needs to. 


We have global warming from the build up of CO2.  Don't kid yourselves.  But it's not all about global warming and the build up of gases.   It has to do with the amount of radiation that is being produced by our Star, the Sun.  It's output varies.  It has seasons, much like the Earth does, but it's seasons are magnetic.  I've spoken of this before.  Let's look at this:




This graph shows the previous 23 solar maxes, beginning in 1755, and our Solar Max this year, in red.  So what does it mean, Jen?   Let me tell you.  As I've shown you in the past,  I have related the sunspot cycle, and lack thereof, to the Mini Ice Age in Europe, and the Maunder Minimum, which occured in 1645 to 1715.  I began speaking of this over two years ago when I first came on the site - isn't that right ECIN?  Nobody, I mean nobody was talking about it at that time, and there was nothing in print anywhere that I had seen, and I came on here, and started asking why no one had seen this, or, was reporting on it.  Well, now it's out there.  Our sun's output has been waning for a few years now, due to a decrease in the amount of magnetism in the sun itself.  We don't have a 100,000 btu furnace right now - we have an 80,000 btu furnace, and the output is continuing to drop.  Some are speculating that we are in a long wave cycle on the sun - 250 years +/-, and we could see a dimished output from the sun for some time.  For now, the greenhouse gasses we have are a wonderful thing.


Can't you guys see?  When the sun's output comes back to full, we are going to have a hugh problem.  We don't know as much about the sun as we need to.  We know from ice core records, that the Earth can, and has shifted, from warm conditions to very cold conditions, not over eons, but over tens of years.  Not hundreds, not thousands, tens of years.  So, if we are in one of these mini- ice ages right now, how long does it last?  Are we in one?  Are we in the beginning, the middle, or the end?  The truth is, we don't know.  But this I do know.  When the sun's output goes back to 100% of normal, you won't be asking, "Where is global warming now?"  And there it is.  That's the problem.  No one seems to get it, and for the life of me, I don't know why.  It's not that hard to see.  


The longer we go with our blinders on pretending that this isn't happening, and not trying at least to do something about it, the worse the outcome of this is going to be.  We are currently just coming over 400 PPM (parts per million) on our CO2 concentration.  The last time we (the Earth) was at this level?  During the Pleistocene Period, 5.3-2.6 MILLION YEARS AGO.  The earth was Ice Free then.  You guys think this is a joke?  Do your own research.  Frankly, it scares the H - - -  out of me every time I research it.  People - we need to wake up, and look at what is going on.  You guys do your own research.  See what you find.  I gave you some good starting points here.  But I'm telling you all - one more time - WITHOUT CONSIDERING THE SUN AND IT'S CURRENT OUTPUT, WHICH RIGHT NOW IS WANING, A DISCUSSION ON GLOBAL WARMING IN USELESS.  It's all about the heater.  And when will it come back to full.  This is a problem...a big problem.