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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

Pretty gutsy move there JR. you must really be commited to the cow herd. Kind of like the pioneer spirit of picking up and moving into the unknown. You must still be young and courageous. Good luck on your new endevour. I'll bet you do just fine.  Don

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Re: MO produces tons of extra rough feed,

that's why they're 1 of the top cow calf States.



( i kinda wonder if the 500  per on ia rent even works growing corn for grain, LOL )




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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

Thanks for all the well wishes. I will need em.


Yea MT its like farming back in Michigan. you gotta work to get your crops planted there! Still gonna take some time to get used to the terrace thingy  But I been farming in half sircles or full sircles my whole life ! LOL


Yea ECI it's me I sold most of the herefords to my boys kept 1 favorite cow for me. I alraedy have plans to install gaurd rail to make it feel like home.  And you forgot my yellar boots! You old gap tooth hillbilly. BTW I got a few good comeaparty stories when I get time. Good to hear from ya. I'll get with ya soon.


Ray J you can bet I'll take you up on the offer. Hope you still got your cow paintings in plain sight for everyone to see the "mother of Humanity"


SW glad to see your still Kick'n


OKDon I woulda stayed but you never rented me your farms! Young at heart for sure, I think this will give my boys a better chance  LOL


MarkWright yea this area is a cow mans wet dream. I really like it.  When you gonna stop beating around the bush and tell us what you really think? HE HE


I'm kinda busy still Just Sat. we had a T storm that hit the electrical sub station we were with out power for about 6 hours. When it came back on our pulsation system fried which meant another 3 hours till that got going. UUUGGGGHHHHH.  Thats farming.


And to satisfy ole Jim Meade some marketing info. The dollar didn't hit the highs because of the fact that so many countries sold the dollar back as it approached 100.  And now I am sure this value we are at now is fake. I mean how did Belguim have the wherewithal to buy our greenbacks. Sounds fishy to me.  When the house of cards falls better know how to get your next meal.

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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

I dont understand why you think it is the last cow in Iowa.  The highest cash price paid for any farm land was around the lamar Iowa region (at 25,000 an acre), and a dairy guy bought it.  Lamar Iowa is home to the biggest Ice Cream maker in the US, called Wells Blue Bunny.  So If you can't make dairy work in Iowa you will have a hard time else where.

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Pat in CMO
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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

Welcome to Misery, Jr. Let me know if you ever venture south. I'm in central MO, Just south of I-70. On the terraces, it seems normal to me as I've never known farming without them.  Patrick