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Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

But I changed internet providers and took a little time off from everything.  Also been busy enough that I just haven't had time to post all tho I have been reading.


Well I have something to offfer on the whole terrible crops to the good crops thingy but first some background.


A couple years ago we as a family started on a unique plan. Some things forced our plan we didn't forsee i won't go into that. But we realised that miliking cows in Kossuth county Iowa was a huge mistake (moved here in 07). You can't raise forages on ground that rents for 500 an acre and feed it to dairy cows and compete with grain farmers. No knock on grain guys or the area there is just best uses for land and dairy cows ain't it around here.  On top of that the ground isn't real well suited to Alfalfa. 


SO we looked really hard at moving to Minnesota or South Dakota.  The fabled I 29 corridor.  A couple deals fell through and so we had a very good offer on our farm here but needed someplace to go in a hurry.


So we found a farm in You guessed it Missouri.  Moved the cows in March to north Central MO.  My Mom and Dad moved with the cows I stayed back to finish up things in Iowa. Still finishing things up here but close to winding that down. 


Cows made a good transition and we have to.  I will be glad when the 300 mile commute is over.  Milk production has held up well but Cropping is a nightmare.


We rented or bought a total of 320 acres and about 100 acres of pasture.  We aren't far from Highway 5.  All year I have been driving down there and comparing it to the things I have heard on here. 

1. Iowa crops look good lots of corn here will tassle this week. Last week Corn was tassling around Newton Iowa. Yea that area south of Knoxville got hammered by some tough rains but for the most part it looks awesome. Beans aren't far from covering the rows and weed control in Iowa has been very good. This week we will have high heat up here but chances of rain everyday for the next 8. Great conditions for this crop. Iowa will at this time be a bumper crop. In the past three weeks I have been from Sandborn to Prarie Du chien south to waterloo down to eddyville (rayj's liitle place) west to winterset ( I was going to call Hobby but was having some serious tranny trouble on my truck) up through Des moines back to Kossuth county. Sorry guys Iowas isn't having problems It will be awesome. 

2. Missouri All over the board. If we hadn't moved there this year I think we would have had our corn planted on time. Not saying some wouldn't have flooded out just couldn't get everything around with the move and all. The one week we could have got it done we were driving tractors down.

By the way it is 19 hours in a tractor. 

So in May all we could do was plant a forage crop for the cows it was a barley and cow peas mixture. That was on the 18th of may. It was a little wet but we got it done. Then it rained and the next dry time we had we chopped first cutting hay. The ground was so wet the bagger sunk in the ground and we couldn't keep bagging haylage. Never had that happen before. We tried to keep bagging but I had to hook another tractor to the bagging tractor and then they both almost got stuck. We abandoned the bag and made a pile on the dirt. not the best but that night when we finished we got 4 inches of rain. So we didn't have to many choices. That 4 inch rain killed all the barley. ( So probably this Mon. if it doesn't rain we will cut the peas and bale them up.)


So we were finally able to plant our first field of beans the last week of June. Last weekend  ( the fourth of July) we planted 100 acres of beans 90 acres of corn and 70 acres of Barley Oh yea and built a raft for the pond for the kids!  We still have about 30 acres of milo to plant. I ended up discing with a 20 foot disc behind a white 4-225 and the first time over all I could do was scratch the surface the next day I would bury the disc the next day we would plant. Never got stuck except once in a drive way where a culvurt washed out. 

No I didn't take pictures!

I actually let my son plant this year cause I was more afraid he would get the disc stuck he did a good job. the seedbed was crappy the conditions were horrible we no tilled beans into 5 and 6 foot tall weeds of everykind. Discing was the same.  Finding blown out tiles was a common occurance. I disced through lots of water the first time over. The seed slots didn't close like I wanted and I know we have sidewall compaction on every kernal.


We finished up last Mon. then we got a nice rain that night. Farmer almanac is calling for a full moon on the 27th of Oct. that should be our best chance for a killing frost.  We will plant a few more acres of milo next week after our failed forage crop. Then we can be done.


By the way corn planted last Sat. was poking thru the ground yesterday. all the beans are up. I don't know about the milo. Pastures are great. 


We don't put the milk cows on pasture but everything else is. That really reduces amount of feed you have to raise and store. Heifers look real nice to.


So all in all I would say Iowa is awesome southern minnesotta is really nice to.


There is corn around Macon Missouri and south that is tassleing and looks good. Chillicothe has some very good looking crops also. There is some damage done to terraces but all in all It is not the disater that some would say. 


It's farming most of us will live to go again next year.  


Bigger threat is the dollar It hasn't gone as high as I thought it would. I had it pegged  106-116.  So if this is the top I think we got a plataue for the next 3  to 6 months. Add to that some biggggg I crops and we could really test some lows in this corn and bean market. But after the first of the year there will be opportunities. Stop watching crop reports and start watching the dollar. That will give you much more valuable info on when to sell crops. 


  Good to talk to you guys again. Have a good day.

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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

like to read your comments.......good fortune in missouri.  welcome back

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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

Good to hear from you again. I was actually thinking of you the other day wondering what became of you. I always liked your posts. You and hobby seem to have a real good perspective on farming and life. So welcome back and best wishes on your venture in MO
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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

Best wishes.

You are going to need it.

Not very many move to MO from and I state and make it. They think they hit jackpot when they look at land prices. Until reality slaps them in the face.

Best of luck and keep the belt tight

Farming in MO is a world apart from IA even
when things might look similar.

You will surely find this out in due time
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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

Good to hear you are still kicking Jr. No more dairy farmers in Ioway lol , always believed you were only one!! Hope all goes well in Misery .


  That was some tractor ride !!!!!

Good Luck....John

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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

LOL John - I was thinking the same thing - the only dairy farmer in Iowa is now moved to Nattyland - Oh boy  and then add in tiger - lol


But maybe we should check to see if this is really Jr . - Is this the same Jr that raises them dam old - no go for nothing Herefords ? And uses guard rails for the feeders ? Has a White 4x4 ? Was from MI a longtime ago ?


If so then good to hear from Jr . Hope things work out well for yeah all !



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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

Best of Luck down there Jr. Sometimes it`s a matter just finding the right area to make it work.  In the 70`s you heard of Iowa corn jockeys going to Missouri and plowing up pasture and striking a jackpot a couple years, then either selling it to a greater fool or keep on until their monoculture petered out.  If you have cows, rotate pasture and hay into the mix and keep a eye on the debt, you`ll do alright.

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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

Let me know when you're coming through Knoxville


we're not far out of town


Ray J

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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

JD ranch if you took that tractor drive east of the miss.doubt you would feel we will test the lows.
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Re: Hey there Used to be jrsiajdranch............

Jr..... you been missed.