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High Commodity Classic Attendance

On Saturday, the attendance of this year's Commodity Classic event was described as off about 400 on registrations vs. a year ago. See the full story about how farmers' attitudes are at this year's event.


Full story:  Measured Optimism At Commodity Classic



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Re: High Commodity Classic Attendance

well ole eagle eye i'm glad to hear you had a good time down there.  I've never been to one.  As most of those who post on

here have come to know and 'love' me, I think security would be at the door to stop my entrance...but we need balance,

the chineese have the united states, we used to have siskel and elbert...

I guess it was the place where if you stated the opinion you thought things were bad, and didn't look good going

forward for a list of reason (no I will not give them here, now) would either be given a bunch of reading material,

a hat, coat, year supply of ink pens, and a rain guage to monitor the coming drought...or be given another 7&7 free

of charge and a whole fist full of drink tickets..if you will just shut up and move along !  ..see being the grouch and sore thumb can be good at times !!!!


But I believe the fellow from Nebraska summed it up pretty good...people are on edge....bankers, suppliers....and farmers.

I just fear things night not be good going forward.  I doubt we'll see such wonderful crops as last year...that in many

instances was a once in 100 years crop. 


i'm hearing a lot of stuff here locally...and not good.  I'm even looking over the figures...and I have to say, i'm am a low

cost producer...everything is paid for..and I shop for seed and chemical...if you think life is bad..consider being elcheapo's

chemical/fertilizer/seed supplier....they EARN their money.Smiley Frustrated


i'm not saying such get together's are bad...there is some good info given, and you can see some new stuff that might be

good...but i'm sorry, banging the drum and saying things look good, I can't see it....but just as I said before...yin-yang,

I say things are bad, I talk to an auctioner or bankrupt lawyer....things are good.


i always notice on things like this, how there are "news reports" that come from these type of gatherings....i think perhaps

rather than "new", perhaps be called "paid commericals"....but I note how the big stories how this company is showing

this new high dollar thing, or that high dollar things, and throw all these model numbers around, but them seem to forget

the most important numbers...the price me, i might be a bit different if i was telling of the "best of show" items,

it might be the small things, that maybe don't cost that much, that will make the biggest return.  such as a low cost

supplier, etc, etc.


but another thought on the attendance...maybe it was a way to "get away"....from the worries and stress, with the

hopes that maybe there will a golden apple there, that will help us make it thru another year.


safe travels home




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Re: High Commodity Classic Attendance

It's interesting and heartening to hear of those who see difficult times as opportunity.  Historically, that is correct.  It can be called creative destruction.


Fighting the chance for change is the government program that supports continuation of present activities rather than letting nature take it's course.  It's kind of an extraction event.  That is, it's as if the government is making it more attractive to overproduce certain crops.


Remind you of the wheat bubble and the Dust Bowl?


Nature is not always gentle and letting nature take it's course is certainly going to hurt a significant number of people but the alternative is like a dam breaking instead of the river rising and going down.