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Higher soybean yields return to Argentina

The market will have to digest better soybean yields coming out of Argentina. Luis Vieira, Successful Farming freelance writer in Argentina files this report:



Potentially higher soybean yields early harvested in the central producing region of Argentina would likely compensate most losses generated by torrential rains in early April, according to the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange, in news that could be frustrating for anxious farmers or investors for a bullish market.

n its new estimate, the Cereal Exchange has not change its soybean production forecast, which was at 56.5 million metric tons as the harvest has advanced to 7.8% of the surface with an advance of 1.8 percentage points in a week and a delay of 6.2 points comparing to last year. The best progress is seen in parts of Córdoba, center and north of Santa Fe and to a lesser extent in Entre Ríos. The Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange also points out that the possibility of the appearance of more diseases has lowered with recent lower temperatures.

For corn, the harvest is at 18.2 percent of the area with an advance of 3.2 percentage points weekly. The projection for output of the cereal is at 37 million metric tons. Great potential of yields is seen in most regions.

"The real dimension of the soybean losses would be found out depending on the weather of the coming weeks. The reason why we maintain our projection that the yields are too high in the areas not affected by excessive rains," says agronomist Gonzalo Hermida of the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange.

Yesterday (04.17), there were some clouds with a few precipitations in the east and south of the Buenos Aires province, but with more intense rains in the Northeastern parts of Argentina, especially in the provinces of Chaco and Corrientes. On the other hand, as the soybean harvest advances, sunny days with colder temperatures are expected for the coming days – lasting at least until next Monday. A high pressure system is also forecast. The exception for this forecast in the major grain producing regions would be parts of Entre Rios and Santa, which would be affected by isolated rains in the period.

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Re: Higher soybean yields return to Argentina

That's all we need.

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Re: Higher soybean yields return to Argentina

What's the deal anyway? If it wasn't this it would be something else? Even with the odds stacked against the system at this point someone just randomly comes up with new negative news. There's a word for this just not coming to mind right now., apologizes. House always wins right. What's the point in playing the game if the game is rigged against regardless of how it's played? Sad sad sad 😭 human morality at an all time low now days
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Re: Higher soybean yields return to Argentina

Well the bad year they had last year wasn't an issue... and I would think that anything this year will look like an improvement.  Someone is always rocking the boat to sell something.