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Highest soybean implied pod weight in years.

I though wow great news the pods have lots of big beans in them it should help yield. Then I found out how it was figured. 

First you take your projected yield then you divide by the number of pods in 18 square feet. 47.9 bushels divide by 1540 pods (the lowest since 2013) and then divide that by .0889 tells you what the pods have to wright to get the yield you projected. Walla .35 grams per pod guys the pods are huge traders don't worry there is a bumper crop coming.

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Re: Highest soybean implied pod weight in years.

So big the combine cant take

Them in.

Certainly we have someone on

Here with photoshop experience,

Who can come up with a photo,

Of a soybean pod so big, a combine

Could not thrash it !!


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Harvest reports

So far in the Midwest :

Corn yields Down 10 to 15% lower than last year. 

Think corn was running 159 to 163 bpa. 

Bean yields Down 15 to 20% lower than last year .

Beans 38 to 43 bpa.

Sounds like an OK,  so so kinda crop where there are some harvestable acres. 

Afore is Illinois, BTW. 

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Re: Harvest reports

Back a couple decades ago we had a huge amount of late June-July planted beans.

Granted, the finish was benign, but somehow ended up with 40 bu beans out of pod counts less than half of the previous year.

There is some compensation of seed weight.

This fall has probably been a little less kind in some places.

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