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Historical marketing Gurus

How many so called experts have passed through here over the years and then vaporized into oblivion? Like rock stars passing through in a blaze of glory for a short time. I suppose they all move on to bigger and better things and become analysts for one of the great brokerage firms.

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Re: Historical marketing Gurus

So many have been amazing at telling the world how right they have been because they executed XXX, 1-12 months(or years) back, but it's funny what happens when you ask them to make some predictions where they could be held accountable. Laughable, really.

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Re: Historical marketing Gurus

Those that are still around here haven't figured it out yet.


Those that aren't around here any more are on some beach with an adult beverage in their hand.

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Re: Historical marketing Gurus

remember that minnesota john guy that would do exhaustive research and peg the national yield to the 1/1000th of a bushel??? He either needed a couple pens of cattle or 40 sows to feed every day.

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tom s. in tn.
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Re: Historical marketing Gurus

Some are still awaiting parole.

Tom S. in Tn.

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