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History Channel special, Mizzou and the big banks.

MT, after watching the History Channel specials on how the big banks control the country, I thought you might find this story interesting.


And a point about Friday's report.  Can you imagine if the USDA raises all the carryouts and stocks?  The market nosedives.  Then in a couple of months we find out it isn't there?   And of course, we still need lots of rain for 2013.  Playing with fire.  I would call this report neutral, to dangerous to put it out any other way.    So, probably wrong as always, but that is my call.

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Re: History Channel special, Mizzou and the big banks.

Very long read!  But well worth it, it clearly discloses the corruption in our government and the complete absence of fairness, equality and a "rule of law" which is applied equally to all citizens.  Well most of those who have been

watching this fiasco understand that we now live in a country where here are "no rules". 


We have congressmen who refuse to eliminate laws applicable to their immunity from prosecution when they front run markets and trade on inside information which if done by  muppets like us would land us in Leavenworth.


It is clear, when criminals like Corzine, Dimon, Blankfein, Paulson, Sumers, Geitner, Bush, Clinton and the rest of their gang never will see the inside of a court room, and an attorney general of the United States which refuses to prosecute the most outrageous Crime in the history of the United States, we can forget about complying with the rules that were put on the books to keep the sheeple in line, but not to keep the top 2% in line.


This was a long, but great article.  Glad someone took the time to write about this fraud and criminal activity.  The real irony is that few will read it, few will give a rats ass about it, because in might interfere with the BCS game, or other moronic activities they have chosen to engage in.  We deserve this mistreatment and taking away what forefathers carved out for us.  The majority of the United States population will quietly become slaves and servants whose main purpose will be to be exploited by a criminal government and those who bought and paid for their votes.


We do not deserve Justice, Equality, or fairness because we have allowed this corruption to go unpunished.  We should all be standing on the front steps of the capital with pitchforks and scythes and hanging these suckers from lamp posts.   Adios Amigos.  John     

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Re: History Channel special, Mizzou and the big banks.

I have peacefully accepted it......and now have operate on an every man for himself platform........hence my comments to krafty some weeks can tax and spend all you want............but the entitlement crowd will ultimatley be the biggest loser.......because they cant see past next months check............let alone true politics.........


True survivers know the score nd have already figured it out.......big government is only screwing those that voted for them........


Pardon the typos, been hitting it since kikoff.........


Hate bama, but hate ND more......

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