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Re: How about this, China makes large Corn purchase from South America

RE: “these markets”,, good insight kinsman. 80s, Wx mkts zoom to match use cut with crop size. Often in short crop yrs you top oat harvest when the mkt “KNOWS” the worst of it all. Bug crop yrs, bottomed harvest when the supply worst was known and priced in.


Stk momentum people form the 90s? are in commodities, something goes up, add more, more,  more, til some day it just can’t go ;’ no mo/m.


Producer what to do ? How about scale out sales, time or price wise, which ever comes , maybe a matrix, if price  point get hut early,  then raise the scale1st v.s  trying  to figure it out?


Next yr could be under trend, but why not plan for above? Forward 20%.


Agree, use has not been clipped yet.

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