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How nat'l yield comes together

if it were easy then we'd all know, and I've seen all the latest greatest prognisticators fall on their faces over the years.


Credible sources who have done scouting give me the opinion that IL is good and substantially better than last year but won't top the 2014 mega-record of 200 bpa. My view is IN will be off the 2014 pace by more but again quite a lot better than the dismal 2015 yield of 150.


All told, MO, IL, IN will be substantially better than 2015 but off from 2014.


Going to more anecdotal stuff, IA may be close to last year's 192 but probably off a bit.


MN SD ND also off from last year but solid.


NE, KS, I assume OK.


OH off but it was also off last year. OH, MI takes the avg down for sure, but it is less than 10% of total acres. Haven't been there but have been to far NE IN and would describe it as disappointing but not a trainwreck.


Sooo... do you need one of the major growing regions to really set the pace to hold up yields?


BTW, the forecast return to normal temps over the heart of the belt can add a few bushels.


I'm paring back my 175 number based on what I consider to be good info but still can see something close, particularly if the good fnish comes to pass.

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Re: How nat'l yield comes together

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Re: How nat'l yield comes together

Count on 15,000,000,000bu of corn

And as a bonus the milo crop will be a near record if not a record.

Outside bunkers full of wheat everywhere out west.

Some elevators renting and or buying more space to put up many more bunkers(read this as massive ground piles with sides).
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