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How will producers respond to the increase in price?

Dec, corn is $4.40, Nov. beans are $8.98, will the corn & beans rallies persuade producers to try & keep planting corn?  Will they plant beans if they decide not to plant corn? 

  What would prices have to be to get more corn & beans planted?

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BA Deere
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Re: How will producers respond to the increase in price?

Sure the market is saying it loves us today, but will it respect us in the fall?   🙂  What I mean is my local new crop bid is $8.22 with a 90 cent basis  Smiley Indifferent     I`m not scared of planting beans up to June 15 and my crop insurance isn`t afraid  of insuring them at 100% of yield  But if I  had to mud them in the 20th of June, $8.22 plus all the tea in China wouldn`t be enough to promise to deliver them at that price.


Bottomline,  I`d be afraid to contract anything that my insurance wouldn`t back me up 100% on.  I`m broke now, but I`d really be broke if I couldn`t fill a $8.22 bean contract and the market started reflecting true value of a 0 carryover price of $16.  No, I`ll plant as long as it`s economically feasible without a contract and roll the dice that in the fall the market will have their heads pulled out of their you know what`s.

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