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I Know, I Know

Why beans went up today....


They got word of what is happening here in South Podunk Country...


Had the crop insurance dude out yesterday to measure bins so I could dump on top of unsold 13 inventory.


He was sure There was a bin buster crop everywhere. Been measuring bins everywhere so guys could do the same thing as I was going to do. Told him not here... Asked him about those three time flooded beans, he asked to see them and took some pictures, said I would have to pick around in them with the combine, then they would guess at what I couldn't harvest and assign a yield for them to count against me.   


Called today and said DO NOT HARVEST THEM as they are considered toxic waste. Wanted them mowed or disc down as soon as possible. Yea right just got a thunder storm this morning on top of mud. 

They are not to be put into the food chain. 


Went on a parts run This afternoon, looks like several farmers didn't know or ask. 


Talked to a farmer up on hwy 6 in central Iowa, said he had no where that would hold a combine , figured his area would have to wait for freeze up to harvest his beans.


Sure glad I don't have run any of that crap through my machinery.


Yea I know insignificant, %  but still many bu in this area removed in those flood events in late Aug and early Sept.


Was impressed with all the thousands of acres of good beans still to be harvested in the 38 mile road trip today.




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It appears

As though a whopping 1/3 of our bean crop is already used or in the process of being shipped off shore.


More than ten months till New crop.


Still early but Brazil is running dry in soy country

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Re: I Know, I Know

You didn't move old beans? I'm totally shocked right now
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Re: I Know, I Know

Sorry I reread my post,  guess it did give that impression.  


Actually I didn't say what was in the bins he measured. 


He did say he had measured quite a lot of bean bins though.


He Got a call from his boss chewing his tail for not being an hr and a half away in central Iowa measuring someone's corn bin as the trucks were full and the people were standing by the auger waiting to unload. Us fringe acre farmers get no respect.


I can't remember a year I haven't had some corn left, but there have been times of no beans. What he measured  corn, beans, both, I'm not telling.

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