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Re: I didn't get the memo

I'll give you a new way to look at the quality of this small wheat crop.

I was thinking of how I wanted this idea to play out, so i went to the local coop and asked if I could set a bid for a 2019 wheat basis bid contract at 7+.

The bookkeeper asked "what about 2018"?

My answer was, I want to give it time to possibly happen and if I do it here I won't overload my hedge account and get a little tax advantage as well.


I get a blank stare.....

I said -- "I know it sounds crazy but i am sick of looking at bad wheat."


Her answer was "No I got lots of them and I'm not sure yours is the highest."


That is how dry we are....   Corn ground is being watered because the fertilizer rigs are breaking it out like concrete.

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Re: I didn't get the memo

But SW like we are told, you are in an ""isolated area"".
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